Colocation for business of all sizes

Keep Business Running & Your Servers Accessible 24/7

  • Redundant power connections backed by UPS and emergency generators keeps your servers running even during unprecedented extreme weather such as the tornadoes of 2019 and winter storms of 2021;
  • Redundant network connections with automatic failover;
  • Full cabinet colocation benefits without full cabinet prices;
  • Bring your server & plug it in, we’ll do the rest;
  • Network switches and firewalls provided;
  • Redundant switches, power sources, & firewalls available;
  • Access your servers whenever & wherever you need it;
  • Site wide air filtration and temperature control ensures maximum life expectancy for servers;
  • Housed in one of the most reliable and secure Network Operations Centers in Dallas, Texas;
  • Space available in 1 U increments;
  • Server leasing, virtual private servers, backup service & maintenance available for reasonable costs.

No More Worries About Loss of Power Or Connectivity

Tornadoes, Flash Floods, Winter Ice Storms, we’ve seen it all. When cities were losing power, our Network Operations Center didn’t. Our clients were still able to run their businesses from home, office, or even a local coffee shop, ensuring that the money to survive and thrive was there for them when they needed it most.

Security. Reliability. Optimal Environmental Conditions.

Five checkpoints between the front doors and the servers ensures no one has physical access to your servers without being checked and re-checked each step of the way. Temperatures are kept at an optimal temperature year round and the air is filtered to remove dust & debris to ensure the maximum lifespan for your equipment.

Colocation for Budgets of All Sizes

No need to spend thousands of dollars leasing a full cabinet or even half-cabinet just to have a safe, reliable, and secure place to host one or two critical servers. Whether it’s the backup that protects your data from being lost or the main server you and your employees use to do the work required, the plans available to keep you up and running start at less than $100 a month.

Call Us for a Free Estimate

Don’t be afraid to give us a call. We’ll discuss the needs of your business and provide you a free estimate. Making the call before the next big storm hits is the best way to ensure you can rest easy in your bed knowing everything you’ve worked so hard to build is protected and secured.

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